What is SIA?

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is a common thing for a project as condition agreement regulation. Vanclay (2003), stated that Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is a process of analyzing, monitoring, and managing intended and unintended social consequences although positive or negative, of planned interventions (policies, programs, plans, and projects) and any processes of social change brought about by those interventions.

The implementation of a project or development will create an advantage and benefits for many people although at the same time, it can create harmful effects. A good company can maximize the benefits of its project and minimize the negative impacts sustainably. Social Impact Assessment (SIA) involves managing the social impact of development and contributing to shared values by improving outcomes for local communities and developers.

The main objective of the SIA is to determine the desired or undesired effects of the planned interventions to develop a sustainable management plan. The importance of SIA is carried out to maintain the balance and sustainability of the biophysical and human environment. Therefore, this SIA stage is usually carried out when planning or development activities company operations.

Currently, there are still many companies that are not aware of the importance of the SIA stages. Companies that do not carry out the SIA stages tend to have conflicts with local communities when implementing their projects. This is because, if you have obtained an area management permit from the government and then directly carry out the project without making a preliminary study of the conditions of the local community, there is a high probability of conflict.

In minimizing the possibility of conflicts that harm many people, the Indonesian government regulations are currently being enforced. This regulation is shown in number 19 of 2021 article 7 which states that it is necessary to first analyze environmental impacts and social impacts that may arise as one of the aspects in the land acquisition planning document. If this is not fulfilled, there will be sanctions in the form of compensation according to applicable regulations.


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